For the Vision-Impaired Community

Banknote Measure Device

The Reserve Bank has developed a credit-card sized device that uses the different lengths of Australia's banknotes to help people who are blind or have low vision distinguish between denominations. The device folds to fit easily into a standard wallet or purse.

To use the Banknote Measure device:

  • place the short edge of a banknote in the fold of the measuring device
  • fold the banknote over the top of the device
  • feel for the measuring lines and braille numerals – they align with the different lengths of each denomination.

A one page summary and video on how to use the device is also available.

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The CashTest device uses length differentials to help distinguish banknotes. In Australia, banknotes become longer as they increase in value, with the $5 banknote being the shortest and the $100 banknote being the longest.

The front of the CashTest device has a colour image of the Blind Citizens Australia logo. Below the logo are five horizontal lines of raised dots representing each banknote denomination. The fold in the device is at the lower edge of the front of the device. The back of the device is shorter and has a hole for gripping a banknote.

Place a banknote in the centre fold ensuring that the small edge of the banknote is placed between each side of the device. You can hold the banknote in place by gripping it through the hole at the back of the device. Fold the banknote over the front of the device and the banknote will reach a line of raised dots on the front of the card which corresponds to its value.

Here is another example showing the longer $50 banknote lining up to its corresponding value.

How to Order

This Banknote Measure device is available from the Blind Citizens Australia and the Reserve Bank free of charge (all production costs being met by the Reserve Bank). The toll free number for Blind Citizens Australia is 1800 033 660.