Review of Banknote Distribution Arrangements Submissions to the Review of Banknote Distribution Arrangements

August 2022

On 15 November 2021, the Reserve Bank released an Issues Paper to commence a review of the arrangements for banknote distribution. The Issues Paper discussed and sought stakeholder views on a number of potential issues that could be covered by the Review, including the suitability of the current Banknote Distribution Agreements, underutilisation and changes to the cost structures and revenue streams in the cash-in-transit (CIT) industry, the responses of banks and CIT companies’ to the decline in use of cash for payments, and potential measures to address these issues. Stakeholders were invited to provide written submissions in response to these issues, as well as to raise other issues relevant to the banknote distribution system that they thought the Bank should consider as part of the Review.

20 January 2022

ATM Industry Association

4 February 2022

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd

21 January 2022

Australian Payments Network

31 January 2022

Australian Security Industry Association Ltd

21 January 2022

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

21 January 2022

International Currency Association

7 February 2022

Prosegur Australia Pty Limited

14 January 2022

Professor Steve Worthington

Confidential submissions

The Bank received 5 confidential submissions, as well as some from entities that also provided public submissions.