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This game works best on Windows (IE 7+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 14+, Safari 4+),
Mac OS (Safari 4+, Chrome 14+), iPad iOS4.3+ (Safari) and most Android
based tablets (Chrome)

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There are three puzzle levels for you to choose from. Select a level to start!

Banknote Puzzle Level 1 - $5 banknote. Banknote Puzzle Level 2 - $20 banknote. Banknote Puzzle Level 3 - $100 banknote.


Puzzle note
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How to Play

  1. Each level has varying degrees of difficulty, reflected in the size of the puzzle pieces. Level 1 has the largest pieces, so start there and work your way up.
  2. To start the game simply move a piece of the puzzle to form a complete banknote.
  3. This is a time based game, so you can keep playing over and over to improve your score.
Banknote Puzzle logo

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